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HELIOS AUTO is alkaline solvent for professional usage. It's suitable for cleaning of dirty surfaces, greasy parts, engines, machines and installation..
HELIOS AUTO is biodegradable >90%.
HELIOS AUTO can be used after diluting in ratio 1l to 50/80 l water. Determination of the solution concentration depends on the pollution which should be cleaned. Ready solution is suitable for:
  • Cleansing by means of machines which work under pressure; 
  • Preparation of solutions and hand cleaning of floors;
  • Preparation of solutions and dipping of parts.
When using HELIOS AUTO can be achieved quick and effective cleaning.
Indices Testing methods
1 Appearance Visual Easy movable liquid
2 Colour Visual Yellow-brown
3 Density at 20°, g/cm3 BSS N ISO 3675 1,045 – 1,075
4 Storage conditions Store in well closed original packing in dry and ventilated warehouse premises, away from food and drinks. Do not store at temperature below 0º C.
5 Expiry period 1 year after date of production


Material Safety Data Sheet is available for professional users.

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