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With the application of Helios 1, following results can be achieved:
improvement of the burning process; decrease of emissions of not burned hydrocarbons, and Nx in the exhaust;
cleaning of burners and combustion chamber from soot; it removes coking;
decrease of temperature for heating and homogenization of the fuel;
facilitates the operation of the fuel system;
decrease of temperature of the exhaust; fuel economy up to 4% and increase of the efficiency of the installation.

Helios 1 is high-effective multifunctional mazut additive. It helps for the full burning of the fuel, it facilitates its ignition and increases oxygen contents in the fuel medium. It emulsifies paraffin, asphalt and other heavy hydrocarbons, which are parts of the fuel and helps for their full burning out. All this leads to decrease emissions of nitric oxides, carbon oxide and not burned hydrocarbons.

When using the additive, burners and combustion chambers are cleaned from the accumulated depositions and it is prevented their new formation too.

Helios 1 facilitates fuel homogenization and emulsification of the water contents in the tank volume. The attendant precipitates are dissolved easier in the fuel volume and thus eliminating its segregation.

As a result of the complex effect of the active components, taking part in the composition of the additive, can be reached fuel economy up to 4% as well as decrease of exhaust temperature and increase of the efficiency of the installations.

We recommend Helios 1 to be used in ratio 1l to 2 tons of boiler fuel.

Indices Testing Method
Helios 1
Mazut Additive
1 Appearance visual Easy movable transparent liquid
2 Colour visual Pale yellow
3 Density at 15 °C, g/cm3 BSS N ISO 3675 0,8050 – 0,8190
4 Distillation characteristics:
- initial boiling point   °C, not lower than
BSS ISO 3405 60

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