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Applying Helios 10G the following REAL effects can be reached:
decreases the quantity of harmful emissions in the exhausted gases;
improves the dynamic characteritics of the vehicle;
increases engine power;
clear fuel system;
lowers fuel consumptions.

When using propane-butane as an alternative of gasoline, the following is observed: decreasing of the maximum power of the engine, increasing of fuel consumption in litres/100 km, increasing of the requirements for the valves and their seats. All these disadvantages can be reduced to minimum using additive Helios 10G.

Helios 10G contains combustion improver, which improves the burning process and decreasing the quantity of carbon oxide and unburned hydrocarbons in exhausted gases.

Better exploatation characteristics of fuel, higher power, better engine work, more dynamics and lower fuel consumption can be reached with Helios 10G.

It is recommended that the mixing of propane-butane with the additive to be realized at the discharging place of the gas from the gas-carrier using technical equipment and instructions, all supplied by us. Recommended ratio is 1l Helios 10G per 3000l LPG.

Indices Standards
Helios 10G
additive for LPG
1 Appearance visual Easy moving, transperent liquid
2 Colour visual Pale yellow
3 Density at 15 °C, g/cm3 BSS ЕN ISO 3675 0,7900 – 0,8100
4 Distillation range:
- Initial boiling point °C, min
BSS ISO 3405 60

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