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Helios 12B

Helios 12B guarantees notable change of operational capacities of fuel and activity of gasoline engine. With its application the effects are:
higher octane number;
exceptional dynamics and higher power;
decrease friction and anti-corrosion properties;
clean fuel system;
better burning and decrease harmful emisions in exhausted gases;
less fuel consumption in all conditions of work.
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Helios - Intensive

Helios Intensive Gasoline cleans accumulated depositions over the injectors. It restores their precise work and guarantees right fuel dispersion.

It removes the scale over the fuel lines and inlet valves. It eliminates depositions in the burning chamber and prevents aggressive influence of corrosive active substances.
Tangible change in the motor car dynamic;
Higher power;
Reduction of friction and anti-corrosive properties;
Clean fuel system;
Better burning;
Reduction of harmful emissions in the exhaust;
Lower fuel consumption.
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